I would like to use this section of the website to create a discussion on creativity and inspiration. Please e-mail me with any views on the subject; or any related topics. Jan Ejsymontt

“I live in a place of outstanding beauty. I am able to use the nature that surrounds me as a starting point for my art. The pure unbridled power of the sea and the wildness of the coastline is a constant source of
inspiration. I attempt to translate the colours, the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere that are evoked from the purity of nature, into my paintings.”

Maria, Zagreb:
“You are very fortunate in the place that you live to be constantly surrounded by thi
ngs that inspire you. Many are not so fortunate.”

“Indeed I am lucky, but I also believe we can look into any environment for our inspiration. Some of the greatest artists have lived in dire circumstances in less than ‘beautiful’ places.”

Pauline, London:
“Balham is not very inspirational!”

Frederick, Berlin:
“Pauline, have you ever looked into the faces of people coming and going in Balham.( I guess that is an area of London) I am a portrait artist and Berlin is full of faces that inspire me. You can find the stimulus from those around you.”

Roland, Nelson Bay, Australia:
“Creativity does not have to be beautiful.”